Airport Transportation

Take the hassle out of airport transfers by hiring a professional limo company for your next trip

Northwest Limousine Service has every aspiration to become the name you know and trust for limousine service. An impeccable service is built on experience and recognizing the customer’s expectations, wants, needs or demands. Having the ability to learn from our customers on every job has given us the experience to better serve you today. Our friendly reservation staff is well trained in taking your calls, asking every question necessary, assuring your reservation will be booked properly. From taking your phone call to dropping you off at your destination you need a limousine service you can count on. While providing our customers with the very best limousine service our team will cater to your every request and operate with the utmost class. We take into account that our clients are expecting a limo service to deliver them with reliability, dependability, safety and comfort in every circumstance. When you are reserving a limousine to the airport you need extreme dependability. Missing a flight, due to a late limo service, could cost you hundreds in rescheduling fees. Most passengers are not familiar with the area they are traveling to and searching for dependable transportation is not always easy, however extremely important. When you reserve Northwest Limousine Service we can guarantee, along with our excellent ratings, that we will get you to your flight on time, safely and comfortably.

Luxury towncar parked in front of private jet
Hand wrapped around car door handle ready to open it

We have an outstanding service history in Whatcom County & Skagit County providing limo service to Bellingham International AirportSeattle International Airport or even cross-border transfers to the Vancouver Airport. Reputation is very important in business and something we take very seriously. Encouraging all our clients to review their experience with us teaches our team to provide the finest service to every passenger we meet. We can offer your group transfer at a reasonable flat rate to these airports or should you have another destination in mind we are always willing to negotiate other trips.

By hiring a limousine company to drop you off at the airport you can also save money over renting a car or parking your car over long trips. Airport parking can be extremely expensive and with our competitive rates we will work to save you money on long-term parking. Along with providing you the added convenience of dropping you off directly at your terminal entrance and helping with your luggage. Dealing with parking can be a real inconvenience on the day of, as in many cases parking and terminals will be located in completely different areas only adding to the length of time that you will need to show up at the airport. Instead of having to travel across the airport from the parking area, to your terminal trusting in a professional limousine company such as ours, a limousine or town car will drop you off directly at your gate. Let our experienced drivers, who know the area and airports well, navigate your trip so you can relax knowing you will get to your departure with ease.

If you have a larger group that is traveling together you can swiftly save time and money by hiring your own limo bus. Limo buses or commonly referred to as charter and shuttle buses will transfer larger groups of people and luggage directly to or from the airport terminals to your destination. If you are traveling for a wedding, spring break trip, company seminar, or otherwise, consider our services for a large party with the convenience of reserving one adverse service for everyone in the group. Reserving a limo bus is one of the simplest ways to organize a large party saving time, money and relieving you the hassle of group scheduling. Our limo bus rentals can be reserved well in advance and are designed to get multiple passengers to or from your flight with style and comfort. In almost any instance with multiple passengers booking a limousine, for your leg between Bellingham – Seattle or Bellingham – Vancouver Airport, will save money over paying for airline tickets. Sit comfortably in the backseat of the limousine, town car limo bus while we transport you to the airport in style, not to mention the convenience of not having to wait another layover in the airport.

Northwest Limousine bus parked in front of a private jet